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To maintain your Tankless Water Heater, follow these tips.

Keep the area around your tankless water heater clear.
Gas fired tankless water heaters need oxygen to burn the gas, so if there are too many obstructions around it, it will not be able to burn energy efficiently. Carbon monoxide leaks are also a danger if your tankless water heater does not have the proper venting.

Flush your tankless water heater.
Sediment and lime can build up in your tankless unit over time, decreasing efficiency. For best results, flush your tankless water heater once a year. Flushing kits can be purchased from the local hardware store, but, to preserve your warranty, have a professional administer it.

Annual inspection.
Perform an annual inspection, checking for leaks, corrosion, or charred metal. An annual inspection can help you find problems before they become costly to fix.

How safe is your water heater?

Tankless water heater tips