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Tankless water heaters can also help reduce water consumption in drought-stricken California by providing near-instant hot water. The savings come from cutting down on the “warm up” time for your bathroom and kitchen sinks.

In a big house, it is not uncommon for 50 feet of water pipe to separate a tanked water heater tank from your shower or sink. In a given day, a single user could be wasting 30 gallons of water just waiting for the water to heat up! In a drought this severe, that is simply too much water to waste.

Tankless water heaters offer excellent versatility. If the water for one bathroom requires longer to heat up than another, you can install just one on-demand water heater to serve that room, leaving your tank water heater to serve the rest of your house. You can also install a point of use tankless water heater to heat just the water in your kitchen.

Or you might think about replacing your tanked system with multiple on demand or tankless water heaters essentially zoning your home based on total length of piping to each hot water sink, shower, or tub.

Here is a job I did for a customer in Pasadena who was wasting on average of about 20 gallons a day just in his master bedroom.

The house was built in 1993 and was about 3600 square feet. It was a 4 bedroom home with 3 ½ baths.

The owners took my Tankless Water Heater Quiz, and all indicators were that a tankless water heater was not the best choice for them.

The wife was a stay-at-home mom with a 2-year-old who was not in preschool so there was a lot of hot water being used throughout the day. She was doing laundry dishes, and giving her little baby baths midday. Her other kid and husband were home in the mornings and at night.

So basically hot water was being consumed throughout the day, and so therefore not a ton of energy was being wasted keeping this hot water hot in their tanked system.

Additionally the family never really left Pasadena, and so they were not gone from their home for any extended period of time, and they did not travel.

But they did have one complaint!

They were waiting up to 5 minutes for their faucets, shower, and tub in the master bedroom to get hot. They did not know it at the time but they were wasting over 20 gallons a day.

When we measured the piping from their master bedroom to the water heater they were over 60 feet away. That is 60 feet of pipe filled with water that was just getting cold.

When they went to take a shower, draw a bath, or shave they had to wait for the water in 60 feet of pipe to come out before they got the hot water they needed.

Our solution was to keep the current hot water heater, but put in an on demand or tankless water heater in their master bathroom.

We choose a Rheem 5 gpm (gallons per minute) gas tankless water heater. The size of this unit is tiny, and fits right under their sink.

Since we were dealing with just the water needs of one room 5 gallons per minute was more than enough. See my sizing chart for selecting the right sized tankless water heater.

Now this family has both a tanked and a tankless water heater and could not be happier.

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